Michael Marsland

Robotics engineer, Full Stack Developer, App Developer, Designer, Solutions engineer, Tinkerer, Engineer in Training (EIT)

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About Me

Robotics engineer & Software Developer

I am a developer on a broad spectrum, a true jack of all trades, and I love everything I do.

Name: Michael Marsland
Birthday: May 18th, 1998
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Experience: 4 Years
Address: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Freelance: Available


Education & Experience

My Education

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Systems (Robotics)

Carleton University | 2016 - 2022

High Distinction Graduate of Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University specializing in Robotics (11.98/12 GPA)

High School

L. V. Rogers | 2012 - 2016

Your typical highschool student, from drama club, basketball, guitar class, calculus, and computers, nothing stopped the good times

Home Schooled

My Childhood Home | 2004 - 2012

After dropping out of Grade 1 because I refused to wake up early enough for school, my creativity and curiosity bloomed free in the hippy gardens of Nelson, BC

My Experience

Junior Engineer – RPAS Gas Detection

Aerometrix Services | June 2023 – Present

• Built programs and systems for a remotely piloted aircraft system using Python, C++, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino

• Designed and built an anemometer data logger using an Adafruit Datalogger, RTC, GPS, and radio to record and transmit wind data in real time in the field

Software Developer – Telecom

Ericsson | Sept 2019 – Aug 2020

• Worked with an agile team of Developers on 5G prototypes and proof of concepts mainly in Java

• Developed for a proprietary Telecom Database in Java with Could-Based management tools such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Helm

Software Developer – Robotics

Ross Video Ltd | Sept 2018 – Dec 2018

• Developed robotics user interfaces for live studio productions such as newsrooms and sports coverage in C# and C++

• Modified robotics firmware in C++ to allow for movements to include via points allowing the Furio robotic system to perform moves with intermittent steps and be controlled by the UI accordingly


My Skills

Web Dev (HTML/NodeJS)
Raspberry Pi


My Services

Web Development

From UI design and development to full-stack implementation, I have spent years learning and building applications in HTML, CSS, and Javascript while implementing the newest plugins and features from the web. Mainly deploying with NodeJS on Google App Engine, a website is only a few lines away.

Software Development

Whether it's data processing, visualization, productivity or file management. Using local development languages such as Python, Java, or Electron, any problem has a solution.

App Design

Using Android Studio or Unity, Android apps and games with full system functionality are literally at your fingertips.

Robotics engineering

Putting the Internet of Things into your hands, building robotic devices on Arduino and RaspberryPis is as simple as ... Pi.

Solutions Engineering

Have a problem but need a solution? Look no further. With a broad range of knowledge, this jack of all trades can figure out exactly what you need and get you where you need to be.

3D Printing

Have a project you're working on but need something 3D printed? Allow me. Running a Prusa MINI+, this incredible manufacturing process is just a message away.

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